Success in Life

Some people are successful while many others are not. Some people spend their lives trying to obtain something from life, but never get it, while others seem to convert everything they touch into gold?

Experts say that success in life has nothing to do with intelligence, education, memory or surroundings. A lot of research has been done in this field to find out why a man or a woman is successful. The results have always been puzzling.

Many successful people received a good education, others received none at all. Some are intelligent, others are not. Some are handsome, some are not.

On the other hand, two people who received the same education, who have similar intelligence, and who are getting the same opportunities in life, will never reach the same level of success. Very often one will succeed while the other will struggle through life.

The answer lies, according to experts, in self-confidence. The person who believes in himself will succeed, while the person who is not confident in his/her own capability will certainly fail.

Extracted from Conversation in Action: Let’s Talk


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